Friday, October 22, 2010

Why Pedication of Establishment Clause Precludes USA From Being Christian Country

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I hope you're well and feeling good. Here's an additional thought that I can share with you right now. I may not be able to respond to your comments this weekend as my schedule is full. However here is an argument for the wall of separation.

The reason why predication of the Establishment clause by the Congress, the Senate, the President, the SOCTUS, the Constitutional Conventions, the State Ratification Conventions, the State Ratification Committees, and the expectation of the People of the States as indicated by almost total silence on religious matters in the Federalist Papers caused the Wall of Separation to obtain is that the intent of the Sovereigns, the People of The States, explicitly and unambiguously expressed the universal rejection of power to meddle in religious affair by the positive, explicit, endorsement of the Establishment clause by the Sovereign States in forming the United Stats of America means the ultimate Sovereigns, The People of The States, choose to not meddle in religious affairs. This predication specifically showed intent to configure the United States of America as a secular and free country. A secular and free country cannot be a religious country. Thus the intent of the Sovereigns was that the USA not be a Christian country.

Neither you nor I wish to live in a religious country anyways because a religious political entity that couples an welds Church and State together regulates all matters religious and compels religious observance in a manner like the ancient Roman Empire where citizens and subjects were compelled upon pain of charges of treason to worship the images of dead Ceasars as gods of the State or like Iran where people are required by law to practice Shia Islam. That is what a religious country would look like. Instead and happily, your religious practice is protected by law as is my choice to reject supernatural religion. You can worship your god freely. If the United States of America were a Christian County you would be forced by law to practice the official version of Christianity in lieu of your preferred faith. Since there are many thousands of versions or denominations of Christianity, it would be very likely you would find the official version offensive or undesirable. What if the USA adopted Calvinism as its official religion and surprised the world by producing a sacred scripture that stated that in order to be saved a Christian must pay 95% of all their money to the government and if they did not then they are not amongst the elect? What then if some resisted? Would not the government by fire and sword eliminate the non-elect from the population? After all eliminating infidels would be the will of God as expressed though the State. Is that what you really want? Would you desire to force everybody to bow down to a State Cult upon pain of some punishment, probably imprisonment or death? I think we're better off with religious freedom as Hamilton noted in Federalist No.1.

Its is my hope you prosper and find that which you seek.

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Robert Bumbalough