Friday, January 1, 2010

My Abscessed Lesions

These may have been caused by spider bites. I think that because I saw and killed a black Wolf spider at home. The doc lanced,drained, cleaned out, and applied antiseptic to the lesions. He prescribed Sulfamethoxazole and Clindamycin to kill the MRSA infection and Hydrocodone for pain. The Hydrocodone barely masks the hurt, but I'm itching real good now. That's a good sign of healing.

1/10/2010 update: The doctor informed me the MRSA is immune to Clindamycin and ordered me to stop taking it. I complied. After taking the remaining Sulfamethoxazole, the abscesses are almost gone. However there is a large and dark purple scare. I will take tumeric powder mixed with black pepper internally to discourage a reinfection and use 40% Zinc oxide diaper rash ointment to encourage healing of the scar.