Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Letter to Prez Obama re: Health Care Reform

Greetings President Obama and Good Whitehouse Staff People

The acrimonious debate surrounding the House of Representative’s Health Care Reform plan indicates that people are able to discern deep and troubling issues innate within the case presented by President Obama and the democrat leadership. President Obama and the democrat leaders dishonor Liberalism by their overt assertion of pure Statism. Liberalism is the doctrine that human beings have natural rights to Liberty, Life, Property, and Pursuit of Happiness that supercede government authority to arbitrarily impose controls on natural human beings. Statism is the doctrine that an arbitrary collective, the State, has and should have power to control natural human beings in order to protect them from brigandage and banditry. These definitions mean Liberalism is good. It is good because people are good. Because people are good, actions that then comprise goodness are those that result in natural human beings acquiring what they need to thrive and prosper. Evil is that which circumvents the natural human being from performing the good. Statism is one such evil because while the erstwhile purpose of the State is to protect people, its method is the same as that used by the brigands and bandits used as justification for the State. The State is thus self-refuting. President Obama and the democrat leadership by way of seeking to implement draconian authoritarian Statist control over the health care industry circumvent the abilities of natural human beings to attain that which is needed to allow them to thrive and prosper. Consequently, President Obama and the democrat leaders are actively engaged in evil.

It may be objected that the collective good supercedes the moral value of the individual. This is false, however, because morality can only attend to a being capable of rational reasoning using conceptual knowledge. No collective can reason or be rational or hold knowledge in any form because a collective is not alive. The collective is a floating abstraction without any firmly established definition or specification save as a monopoly on use of force via means of brigandage and banditry. If a collective is deemed to be a standard of value, its nature as a floating abstraction means those wielding power for the sake of the collective will falsely warrant preventing natural living human beings from engaging in the good in order to assert arbitrary semantically variant values,(ie: brigandage and banditry), as moral for the sake of a floating abstraction, the collective. This use of power to prevent people from exercising the good in the context of arbitrarily operating within a floating abstraction constitutes evil and defeats the purpose of cognitively holding the doctrine of Liberalism.

Good People Who Are Whitehouse Staffers: I urge you to resign from the administration of President Obama since he has demonstrated that he are actively engaged in evil. It is inappropriate for good people to actively work to accomplish evil; therefore, it is appropriate for good people to resign form President Obama’s administration.

Sincerely, Robert Bumbalough

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